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Design Status

Completed 2019

Construction Status

Completed 2020

Feasibility Assessment

The engineering studio were appointed to advise on the feasibility of constructing a new single storey extension to the rear of an existing property together with localised alterations to the existing basement and ground floors to facilitate the new extension.

There were several key constraints that influenced the massing, height, form of construction and buildability of the project.  These included:

  • Access to the rear was very restricted. – restricted access for machinery and removal of materials from site.
  • Limited space available for the storage of material and welfare facilities.
  • Historic nature of the building fabric.
  • Adjoining properties and boundary constraints.
  • Access to the rear garden area was only available from the front.
  • Unknown condition of the existing drainage network.
  • Cracking/settlement of existing masonry walls.

A screw pile solution was considered.  This minimised spoil and reduced the need for material cart-a-way.  A reinforced concrete ground supported slab was proposed.